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“Losers always have an excuse – winners always have an idea.

Losers fix the blame – winners fix the situation.

Losers make promises – winners keep commitments.

Losers let it happen – winners make it happen.

Losers say, ‘Why don’t they do something?’

– Winners say, ‘Here’s something I can do.”


– Anonymous

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Yes, it’s not an easy balance to keep,

but try we must.

Give too much,

drain ourself,

there is nothing left only bitter space.

Give too little,

become a cork,

and we block the flow of God’s love through us.

Keep on balancing.

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so tired, i close my eyes

but i can’t sleep

perhaps some thoughts

something much too deep

on my mind but i can’t say why

i guess inside it should stay a while . . . . . .

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I clear the space that surrounds us.

I set aside the clutter of my day

so the chaos does not obstruct my view


I clear myself.

I breathe out the weight of my ego

so my heart is opened to you

I open my eyes.

I find all of you at my side,

waiting for my frantic mind

to settle finally on all


We meet,

joining in the sacred ceremony of our routine

in the quiet motions that still my wild heart.

It’s time to be in this moment.

I am with all of  You and nowhere else.





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