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I’m 6 ! It’s my (another) Birthday !

Dear God,

Thank You for waking me up early today so that I could spend more time with You!

It’s been 6 years after you wake me up for my second life! (That was February 19, 2011. . . I’m a Survivor 🙂 ) And Thank You God for my second life.

Thank You for all the graces and blessings, for good health, protection, contentment, wisdom and joy.

Thank You for all the times to rest and rejuvenate

Thank You for teaching me that You are good in all circumstances, both the good times and sad times.

Thank You for holding my son MJ in heaven. Pain is still here in my heart.

Thank You for lifting me up when I am down.

Thank You for teaching me to always trust in you.

Thank You for giving me and all the times I get to spend with my family, relatives and friends.

Thank You for the people you have placed in my life.

Thank You for the joy you bring into my life through my family, relatives and friends.

Thank You for teaching me to be flexible.

Thank You for the clearing of my uneasy emotions.

Thank You for sustaining me at all times, even when I am unaware.

Thank You for giving me motivation.

Thank You for loving me unconditionally.

Thank You for giving me a passion for posting online to be with all ! 🙂


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Thank You God for many blessings and graces.

Thank You God for giving me life and giving me a chance to live with purpose.

Thank You for the gifts, for the family , relatives, friends, and many blessed people around me.

Thank You for the Social Network. I have become more connected  than ever before to all of the people that matter most in my life.

Thank You for all I have, and for all I am.

Thank You God for all the blessings!!! Please continue to bless me and let me be a blessings to others!

Thank You God for giving me my second life!

(I’m 4 years old 🙂 after the Brain Anuerysm operation February 18-19,2011)


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Thanks giving everyday !

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Prayer begins as talking.

Prayer matures as not-talking.

Prayer blossoms as listening.

Prayer is fulfilled as being.



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How great is your goodness, dear Lord!

Blessed are you for ever!

May all created things praise you, O God,

for loving us so much that we can truthfully speak

of your fellowship with mankind, even in this earthly exile

and however virtuous we may be,

our virtue always depends on your great warmth

and generosity, dear Lord.

Your bounty is infinite.

How wonderful are your works!

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