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“If there is love, there is hope to have real families, real brotherhood,

real equanimity, real peace.

If the love within your mind is lost, if you continue to see other beings as enemies,

then no matter how much knowledge or education you have,

no matter how much material progress is made, only suffering and confusion will ensue.”


“Human beings will continue to deceive and overpower one another.

Basically, everyone exists in the very nature of suffering,

so to abuse or mistreat each other is futile.

The foundation of all spiritual practice is love.

          That you practice this well is my only request.”

Dalai Lama

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The key to happiness is inner peace

The greatest obstacles to inner peace are disturbing emotions

such as anger, attachment,

fear and suspicion,

while love and compassion and

a sense of universal responsibility

are the sources of peace and happiness.

– – Dalai Lama

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