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Is there no peace in this world,

No freedom from pain and worry,

Will there always be anxiety,

Over sins we cannot bury?

Our Holy God reminds us,

Work six days every week,

On the seventh day we shall rest,

And listen for Him to speak.

When we follow His commandments

And take time to hear His Word,

We refresh our mind and spirit

Our lives to under gird.

We need to seek Him often,

In a quiet place,

And chat with Him like family,

To find His cherished grace.

He wants to hear our voices,

Say, “I love and trust you, Father God.

Thank Him for His love and mercy,

And smile instead of sob.

He gets enormous pleasure,

From our sincere prayer,

When we treat like a real Father,

He goes with us everywhere.

Peace of mind is His gift,

To carry us through a cloudy day,

Spend all the time you can,

Along the straight and narrow way.

Make the time to meet with Him,

On this busy road of life,

And peace will heal your sorrows,

And free you from gloom and strife.



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