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“Right now in this very minute…”

while you’re sitting at home scrolling down your Facebook feed,

there is someone bringing a child into the world,

someone has just fallen in love,

someone is sleeping,

someone just recieved a life changing sum of money,

someone’s getting married,

someone is learning to read,

a child just said their first word,


Someone is staring into space

and someone is having the best day of their life.

But, right now…

someone has also just been told they have weeks to live,

someone has just committed suicide,

someone is begging on the streets just to be able to eat,

someone has just lost the most important person in their life,

someone is being held prisoner,

someone is sitting in a factory working for 16 hours a day

earning close to nothing.


You’re sitting on a chair,

you have electricity, heat, food, clean running water

and you have enough free time to read this.


So before you start complaining about your own life,

think of the others than wouldn’t know how..to live..


May our Father in heaven blessed us in everything we do.


“God’s Page (“,).”


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I thank so much Michael of  Have A Dream   for nominating me this, “Sunshine Award.” I am really touched and happy for this. Michael is a dreamer, living with passion , writes about the realities of life that  inspiring others.

I really appreciate your valued visits my friend. Thank you Michael for  the Sunshine Award that really touches me .

Thank you for continued inspiring me through your beautiful and inspirational stories. Reading many awesome stories, poems, songs that keeps me as a dreamer, living life to the fullest, to continue to live passionately.

I would like to thank each and everyone of you for reading, following and commenting on my posts. Continue to be blessed always and have a meaningful weekend !

Thank the person who gave you the award.
Write a post about it.
Answer the questions that come with it.
Pass lt along to ten people and let them know they’ve received it.

Favorite color – White , Purple and Blue
Favorite number – Six
Favorite non-alcoholic drink – Fruit Juice
Facebook or Twitter – Both
My Passion – Loving and caring for people
Getting or giving presents – Giving
Favorite pattern – Nothing in particular
Favorite day of the week – Everyday
Favorite flower – Roses

My Nominees:

Have A Dream

Colline’s Blog

The Tale Of My Heart

I Am A Vessel Of God

Heart, Hopes and Dreams

Craves Adventure

Poetic Journey 251

Freedom to Change

Certainly Not Lost Down Under

Soreal Tonight

Enjoy everyone, have a blessed weekend  and God Bless always !

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The best numbers to dial directly 24 hours a day.

I saw this in the facebook , the official Facebook page for Father Piotr W. Wiśniowski ,  shepherd, confessor, teacher – Roman Catholic Priest in the Archdiocesy of Wroclaw in Poland.

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I’m alive and kicking
Have time for simple things
Going to simple places …
Reading many news, researches
Having a wide variety of interests

Enjoying again my Facebook
FB friends, status, comments
News, and latest updates
With new FB friends
And beautiful pictures .. and some games ….

‘Been six months
That was February 19
A near death experience
Without perception event
Much to everyone too, a surprise

An uncertain in my head
An uncertain in my brain
Never been aware of it
Never felt before
Never been weak, never …

Only a headache
was asleep then
maybe I died in a minute
or died for six hours
That was ruptured
That was clipped

Blessed me with gifted doctors,
With Loving family
and supporting people
Blessed me with God
God’s always holding me…
Woke me up again …

Now inside my mind
Complexity of truth
Memories and thoughts
Never complains, tears have gone
now just smiles 🙂
Thoughts and prayers …

But six months, a history
Now the present, and future
Looks like a mystery
But life goes on
So I just wait and see

I’m enjoying living, uplifting
always happiness, positive…
Keeping in touch, sharing
Smiling, laughing, singing
Loving life… feeling deeply alive

God is always here
Always strengthen my heart
More blessings…
I Dream, I hope, have faith
Motivations, inspirations
Always Thanksgiving

I am blessed… Thanks God !
God loves me, and
I love God so much!
Everyday is the best time of my life!

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