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Moments to Remember

There is a soft space, a place you get to when the pain recedes.

It is a place where love and memories of love dwell.

Cherish the time you have with the ones you love,

remember that unexpected moment of laughter,

the warm smile, the loving touch, an embracing hug.

We are here on this planet to love each other to the best of our ability,

with unconditional love.

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Thank You for all that I have

all that I am, and all that

I may one day become.


I know this is possible because

of the opportunities You gave me,

the teachers You sent my way.


Please help me give back to the world,

by being the glowing example

that You mean for me to be

each and every day.


In my actions, my words, and my love

may others see You shining through me.





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